Allow all sensors and devices to be added to a group

default_view contains all devices and sensors.

For debugging and developing I like to see all devices and sensors. For example when I added a new zwave devices it is nice to know what devices have popped up.

However I replaced the default_view to contain the living room (WAF factor).

I’d like a way to add all devices (or even better all devices not in another group) to be in the settings group.

PS. Think of the sun.sun component and the state of all zwave devices. It is not just as simple as adding a group.all_automations and group.all_switches to a new view.

The states tab provides this, just in a table format rather than the typical front end view.

Every item that is an entity in HA has its entity ID listed along with the state and any attributes.

Is there something the states tab doesn’t provide that what you propose would?

Well that does make sense!

However having a group like zwave gives a beautifull overview of which nodes are dead for example. Much harder to find in the states tab.

I still would like the option! But I can live with the feature getting rejected.

Please check this answer, hope this helps