Allow_bypass_login for all connections (and/or trusted_network

Is there way to configure trusted_network to consider everything trusted? (i.e.


Is there a way to configure allow_bypass_login without defining trusted_network?

I attempted a variety of both, but I’ve not found a way to achieve either yet.


  1. I’ve an authentication proxy in front of HA (authelia).
  2. I have x-forwarded-for enabled so that HA logs the real client IPs.
  3. I want allow_bypass_login enabled so that once authenticated with the proxy there is no further logging in required.

For #3, I need trusted_networks enabled. However with #2 enabled I need to “trust the world”.


Not sure how I missed this during testing, but the answer is as simple as

from ipaddress import IPv4Address, IPv4Network
IPv4Address("") in IPv4Network('')