Allow custom shortcut name on Android Home screen

This is how the “add to homescreen” dialog in Androids Chrome looks like


It is not possible to change the name of the shortcut.
It also doesn’t use the name from the HA config

Please make the shortcut name configurable. Otherwise all HA shortcuts will have the same name and it is not distinguishable if you have several shortcuts to different HA instances.

The workaround is almost the same as for the case when you want to add a different start page to the homescreen.

Adapt the frontend manifest in

There adapt the name & short name in the manifest to your liking:

    'background_color': '#FFFFFF',
    'Home automation platform that puts local control and privacy first.',
    'dir': 'ltr',
    'display': 'standalone',
    'icons': [],
    'lang': 'en-US',
    'name': 'Home Assistant',
    'short_name': 'Assistant',
    'start_url': '/?homescreen=1',
    'theme_color': DEFAULT_THEME_COLOR