Allow for MJ for gas consumption measurements in the Energy dashboard

We use MJ to measure gas usage in Australia so it would be great if that was supported.

OTOH it is a straight conversion. 1 kWh = 3.6 MJ.

Gas in the energy dashboard is shown as m3 not kWh though.

I think the conversion is MJ = m3 x 38.61

But even with the conversion (which you could do as a sensor), it’s still displayed in the dashboard as m3. In future it would be nice to have the ability to configure units displayed (which would help with the cost calculations as well, because we’re billed on MJ not kWh or m3).

Yes that is true, nicer to have the unit you are used to and charged for.

The m3 to energy conversion very much depends on the type of gas used though. Propane, Butane, a mixture? I found this page (NZ oriented I know) quite instructive

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Didn’t consider the different types of gas tbh. The 38.61 conversion is for natural gas according to my provider.