Allow fritzbox integrations to work (resticted) without admin access

I want to use the fritz integrations to show the state of the accessible sensors and to have access to the callmonitor and the fritz fon. This can be done without giving administrator rights to the fritzbox user.
Unfortunately the fritzbox integrations (tools and call monitor) refuses to work without administrator rights, however this is not necessary for restricted access. For security reasons i don’t want to give home assistant full control over my fritzbox. I think the integrations should support the access, which the user is given by the fritzbox configuration.

Thanks in advance!

I agree!
Just for info: the “AVM FRITZ! SmartHome” extension works with a limited account, while the “AVM FRITZ! Box Tools” and “AVM FRITZ! Box Call Monitor” extensions don’t work with limited accounts, right?

I can’t answer your question, because i don’t use the SmartHome functionalities from FritzBox.

That’s a very reasonable question. Would be great if this could be answered. Thanks a lot, guys!