Allow grouping entities as a single HomeKit device


I wondering why not expose multiple services of a device under a single HomeKit accessory entity? This allows for better readability in the Home or Eve app.

For example a Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Temperature / Humidity Sensor will expose 3 services Temperature, humidity and pressure.


I am very surprised this feature is not implemented yet and nobody has upvoted the request. Will try to add this functionality myself.


Would this idea mean that services that may be exposed as individual entities would also be linked as a “feature” (attribute) of the parent entity?

For example, I have an Ecobee thermostat and it has preset modes. Homekit exposes a current_mode entity that allows me to change the mode, but this isn’t also exposed as an attribute of the thermostat entity itself, so when creating a thermostat card, the mode isn’t available as an optional feature I can display; I have to create a separate card for it.

I came here looking to see if this was suggested and found this… hoping this is exactly what I was looking for as a feature request.

I think this is the same request: Allow grouping entities as a single HomeKit device - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community (

Would be amazing, you got my vote!

+1 from me

Is there any new information about this feature?

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+1 - need this for my fan entity to move left or right a step. This is the only thing that’s stopping me from scrapping my homebridge setup.