Allow HassOS to expand disk space after install

As I understand it, once a HassOS image (either for an RPi or for a VM) is initialized, it cannot expand the size of the partition it uses. This is a problem if one needs to add storage - easy enough to move the image to a larger SD card or allocate more space to the VM, but neither does anything if HassOS doesn’t expand its internal partitions.

I know for VMs there’s a workaround, where you take a snapshot, create a new VM, expand it before starting for the first time, then restore. However, a) this is a bit of a kludge, and b) I’ve never managed to actually get it to work…

After VM shutdown I just removed all snapshots of the HASSOS VM and increased the size of the vdisk.
When powering the VM back on it actually took all the steps to make use of the additionaly storage space on its own. Nothing in particular that I needed to do than what I wrote above.


I also just extended my disk and followed the same procedure. Shutdown, remove snapshots, extend disk and boot up. Easy job.

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This might be a change since almost 2 years ago.

It is a very welcome change as the default image size is so small. This lets you easily resize the disk without needing to re-install.

How do you remove the snapshot of the HASSOS VM? I am using ESXi and do not see that as an option.

to resize the vdisk there must not be any snapshots of the vm.
you may remove snapshots at Virtual Machines > HASS-VM-NAME > Actions > Snapshots > Manage Snapshots

I am using the vmdk only and do not see that option anywhere in vsphere.

Sorry I am not using that. Maybe someone else.
You may want to ask this in the VMware Forum.

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Wait, has hassio stopped auto extending the volume now on boot?

I just extended my HyperV volume, but hassio remains at 15GB, extended to 30GB.

Booted gparted, it just shows 15GB unallocated.

Tried it with a vm on proxmox. Additional space is allocated during reboot.

No, it’s working for me.
Hyper-V VM running, I extened the disk 32G->40G, reboot, voilá.