Allow light scenes on multiple Hue bridges to be selected using hue.hue_activate_scene. Currently it only supports only a single bridge, why not support multiple?

So I have multiple Hue bridges in this house. Each bridge has a room and a lot of lights connected to it. For simplicity let’s say I have one Bedroom and one LivingRoom bridge.

When I connect the first bridge (let’s say the Bedroom bridge at to HA using the configurator and simply clicking the button on the bridge itself, everything works instantly. I can call scenes with hue.hue_activate_scene, control all the lights individually, all good.

Then I connect the LivingRoom bridge ( Now I see all the lights, I can control all of them and turn all of them on or off. All good still. In fact, I can call scenes with hue.hue_activate_scene just like the Bedroom one!

But after this pairing, I try to use hue.hue_activate_scene again on the Bedroom… and nothing. I try other scene names to make sure I’m not misspelling anything, and still nothing. All spelling is correct, so I check the logs and see this:

Unable to find group Bedroom

9:28 PM components/hue/ (WARNING)

If I then remove the LivingRoom bridge from HA, reconnect it, and call the scene, it will work again. But then, I have the same exact problem with the other bridge! It seems like I can only call scenes on the last bridge I have connected. I cannot call scenes on multiple bridges. The documentation on the website mentions nothing about this and I cannot find anything regarding this issue online. Every time I add a new Hue bridge, I am only able to change scenes using hue.hue_activate_scene on the last bridge I connected. All the other bridges I connected to HA before that will still be available in the UI switches, I am still able to turn lights on and off, just not activate Hue scenes. I always get the error above in the HA logs.

HA should be able to select any hue scene using the hue.hue_activate_scene, as long as the group and scene names are correct. Would be a great fix for people who have more than 1 hue bridge.

Same situation here with two hue bridges: one older round bridge, one new square bridge.

I added both bridges through discovery, first the round bridge then the square bridge. As described by @reckless, I can only activate scenes configured on the lastly added square bridge. No scene is found through automations on the round bridge regardless how I name or otherwise define them.

The UI works flawlessly for scenes on both bridges. Using automations, I always get the same error message “Unable to find group …”

It would really be great if scenes on multiple bridges could be supported through automations.

since I am at the verge of adding my second hub would like to ask how this is controlled in the Hue app itself? Doesn’t that work either, or do you have to enable special settings anywhere?

The hue apps I use (Philips Hue and iConnectHue) work with scenes on each bridge separately. iConnectHue is more powerful in many ways but I don’t like the UI.

AFAIK you cannot configure routines in the Philips Hue app on one bridge that use scenes or lights on another bridge. Not sure about iConnectHue as I have no need for multiple-bridge support which you have to buy through IAP. I just switch between bridges and scenes always worked on each bridge.

So each bridge defines its own ‘ecosystem’.

cool, thanks for letting me know. I guess you could also look at it the positive way, and have dedicated systems separate their logic.

Would be way nice if HomeAssistant could add a layer of its own, to combine the systems. so +1 from me!

are we sure the owner/dev of the Hue integration is up to speed for this request?