Allow templates in 'Developer Tools', 'Services'

I think the subject pretty much sums it up.
What else can I say?

You can use already use templates in the Services tool… so you’ll need to say more.

Can you?

You’re in the yaml editor. The UI version doesn’t support templates. I.e. Click “GO TO UI MODE”, then templates will not work.

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Maybe my terminology is wrong?

No, your terminology is correct, you don’t understand the message.

When in yaml mode, templates work. When in UI mode, templates do not work. The error message is not letting you go to UI mode, and it’s stating why it can’t go to UI mode. The reason is that UI mode doesn’t support templates.

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Bloody hell!
for years I’ve wanted this and it’s been possible forever (possibly).

In that case the wording is very misleading. Some context around the words ‘The UI’ would be helpful.

But thanks for pointing this out. I’m happy!

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