Allow to store arbitrary data for (NFC) tags

since Home Assistant has added support for tags (Tags - Home Assistant), multiple projects have been posted to build nice media players with it (e.g. the original one in Tags - Home Assistant, NFC tagreader podcast player, Thought I'd share my NFC tag Emby media player setup!)

Initializing new tags for use with home assistant is easy, but making home assistant act on them is quite burdensome because of (what I think is) a design flaw in the tags feature:
A tag is basically contains a key that is then looked up in a dict data structure. This dict structure is contained in an automation, typically in a variable. To add a new album/playlist/movie/whatever, the user has to edit the automation in YAML mode.
Meanwhile, the /config/tags user interface only lists the tag id with a user definable name.

Feature request:

  • Allow to define a dict for each tag in the /config/tags UI.
  • Allow to access it in an automation/script


  • Allow to modify this data structure from automations/scripts

→ This would allow to separate code and data and increase the usability of adding new tags to home assistant.

If someone experienced with coding could post some hints on how to implement this, I would be willing to work on this