Allow variables in picture entity cards

Currently I have my Ring doorbell loaded into a HA dashboard, and it shows me the last activity on the camera.

However, this is sort of confusing when you put it alongside other cameras, as these update periodically.
A way to solve this would be to show the time of the last activity below the camera, see below:

As you can see, this won’t show the time which would be awesome.

I understand this might not be possible, as I think this would require Lovelace to reload?

Look forward to your thoughts!

May have solved this but don’t know yet if it’ll auto update:

- type: picture-entity
    entity: sensor.front_door_last_motion
    camera_image: camera.front_door
    show_name: true
    name: Ring Doorbell

This does auto update, albeit a bit slower (20 seconds) but works fine for my needs.