Alpha Home heatpump intergration

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I would like to share my first Home Assistant integration, where I faced a couple of challenges. The goal was to create an integration for Alpha Home heatpumps. However, there were two significant hurdles: I had no prior experience in Python, and I didn’t own an Alpha Home heatpump. I built the integration for my next door neighbor.

Not owning an Alpha Home heatpump and having no official API documentation available made the task difficult. To overcome this, I had to reverse engineer the API. This required digging through the JavaScript files of the controller and gateway and executing a man-in-the-middle attack on the mobile app to glean necessary insights and data.

I invite you to check out the project, share your thoughts, feedback, or questions. Your insights will be valuable in refining the integration and making it more robust and efficient.

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Thank you for developing this.

Do you know if it would work with a Grundfos ALPHA 15-58 F (model 92603115)?

Sorry, I don’t know. I developed the integration for my next door neighbor and I’m not a Alpha Home expert. You can give it a try?

Just here to say I instalĺed it and love it! Now I can dump the awfuĺl alpha home app all together. Great great work!

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This Luxtronik 2.0 – FHEMWiki and GitHub - coolchip/luxtronik2: Reads and controls heat pumps based on the Luxtronik 2.0 contol unit with Node.js. seem to contain a lot of info including commands/readings that are not supported by the javascript interface.

I am about to pick a heatpump, solar panels, inverter etc… for a home renovation.
I’d like to tinker with HA for more advanced thermal regulation. The heating company suggested alpha-innotec, so I am searching for information about their API and integration with HA.
I might want to pick another brand, would you have hints or posts to recommend so I can start my search ?