Alpha Vantage creating bitcoin sensor without configuration


I am using the Alpha Vantage component to track the stock price of Intel and General electric. I have included my complete alpha_vantage configuration below:

- platform: alpha_vantage
  api_key: !secret alpha_vantage_api_key
    - name: General Electric
      currency: USD
      symbol: GE
    - name: Intel
      currency: USD
      symbol: INTC

I was noticing some errors in my logs saying there was a delay for Alpha Vantage polling the current Bitcoin price. I found this odd since I did not have that configured. I checked my sensors and, sure enough, there was a sensor.bitcoin created by Alpha Vantage:

Anyone have any idea where this configuration could be coming from? I do not see any additional “non-configured” Alpha Vantage sensors in my system.


Dan W.

I also see Alpha Vantage polling Bitcoin. Besides that, it seems to be having some difficulty polling the 2 stocks I’m actually interested in.

I have noticed the polling issues as well. I too am only polling 2 stocks and am constantly having issues.

I have opened an issue around this Bitcoin sensor with no configuration: