Alright, you asked..Here's my Project HA integrated with Alexa.... I should'a seen this coming!

I have my Pi 4 running HA and yeah like I have over 40+ yrs of systems experience, used X-10 devices through out my house in the early 90’s no problem. Light music everything. Now? I went with SHELLY devices and ESP32 and Volumio (audio) but here’s my problem. I own a “Rotary” phone. Yeah, I could grow up and get one of them mobile phones but just not gonna. Anywho, I didn’t wanna control stuff in my house by a device that I had’ta carry around or by computer so I went with Alexa. I thought how hard could that be? Errk… now my house has it’s own personality but Weeeeeeee, it’s a ton of fun. K, here’s my project video. Alexa House Party, I shoulda seen this coming. - YouTube


That was hilarious, could always use a good laugh, thanks, would love to see that automation/script?.

Too funny! I loved it.
fellow canuck. :slight_smile: