Alternate UI for Helpers

Inspired by the relatively new “Combine the state of Several Sensors” Helper, it seems to me it would be great if all the Helpers could be displayed in a Grid - simulating a spreadsheet if you like.

Each Helper could be assigned an optional “alternate name” like A5 or C7 for example to define its display position on the grid, and be used as an alternate reference for the Helper within other Helper settings. Those without an alternate name simply would not display on the grid and remain in the list as standard.

This would also then inspire a class of other Helpers - like the “Combine the State” helper above - each focused on a specific set of operations. The first and most obvious of these would be the basic mathematical operators ( + - x / ), but could also include String manipulation functions, Geometric functions, basically any set of normal spreadsheet functions that seem relevant to someone.

Not only would this be a familiar way to conceptualise the function of the Helpers - it also opens new ways of thinking about how they can interact to achieve a larger goal.