Alternative app for Home Assistant in ios

Hi all, i have developed an app using home assistant api. The app is kept simple , you just need to scan the qr code in your home assistant server. All the devices will be listed. You can also create scenes and rooms. Devices can be added to rooms by longpressing the devices icon. Status of devices will be shown in rooms tab. By clicking on rrom name you can view and control added devices.
By clicking on icons in a button you can directly onoff and to enter to further controls click onto the button.
By longpressing you can add the particular device to scenes.
Scenes can be called by clicking the scene button in scene tab. You can set and view devices in scene by long pressing it.
You can also schedule scene by activating play button on right top corner inside scenes.

Kindly support my effort.

Hi @Jubeena , I’m glad to hear that and congratulations on your development.
But why are you hijacking @rienkkk thread to announce your app, instead of creating your own thread?

@CM000n Sorry i didnt mean it. I think he has removed my reply.
Actually i am new to home assistant and its community

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looks nice, native ios app? really needs free mode or trial, £14.99 too much just to try it imho! (link shows another currency)

Its designed in flutter. I have developed this app my own , and being a freelancer i dont have any other source of income. I am expecting support from this community to bring more features to this app.

Hi Jubeena,

I definately love to see people working on their own projects, in the end, it is good for the community. However, i have a few questions:

What is the reason for creating this app?
What is the problem that it solves?

You see, Home Assistant, has already an app for iphone that is actually pretty good given the limitations Apple applies. A limitation for example is that Apple asks frequently the user to confirm background location permission and many of us accidentally click “when in use” and stop updating the location on HA. Does your app solve this limitation or any other?

Thank you

Hmm… the whole point of home assistant is that it is open source and free to use. Also there is already and app for that (free and pretty good) so why would I pay for something that I can get for free?
What features your app has that are not in the Home Assistant app?

@michaelkrtikos @alfwro13 Actually i made this app for one of my friend doing home automation business in dubai.
He was looking for cheaper automation solution then he came accross home assistant, but the orginal home assistant app has too many options and people gets confused. So he asked me to deveop an app which looks simple for common man.

My friend is doing automation using dynalite, which doesn’t have a mobile app, so he used savant server and its app. Savant server costs 1500usd
Now he is using home assistant server and my app. He is getting more profit than before.

You can watch the video to see the working.

My app doesn’t collect any information, the rooms and scenes are created locally in the phone database.

When scheduling is enabled the app creates an automation in home assistant server.

From a layman point of view my app i very simple.

Thanks for your response.

At first let me say that in my opinion it’s too expensive and doesn’t offer a trial or free mode. I am repeating lookman’s post from above though.

In the video it doesn’t seem to have advanced options such as creating sensors that send information to HA (battery %, location, charging status etc,) which is one of the reasons that many install the app as they run automations based on these sensors.

To the point of simplicity, my honest opinion is that if someone has managed to set up home assistant and create a dashboard, they can handle the HA official app. In fact, the same dashboard loads on the phone so they don’t have to create it twice.

Your target group is those people that want a smart home but either they choose easy way outs such as Google Home, Alexa, Apple Home platforms with limited functionality, or they hire someone else to build it for them. From this, another small persentage can go to habitat or other smart home platforms, and what is left is Home Assistant. I think you are looking into a very small target group.

Again, this only my opinion and with that i wish you the best luck :slight_smile:

this app can change background?

Yes background can be changed