Alternative firmware for Tuya zigbee devices

I haven’t seen any post related to this project here, but there are those guys here who have actually succeed to build & flash alternative firmware for some Tuya devices based on TeLink chips ( mostly all zigbee ones )

Theres some Tuya fw from another project too here: GitHub - pvvx/ZigbeeTLc: Custom firmware for Zigbee 3.0 IoT devices on the TLSR825x chip

Also this one has made a serial flasher: GitHub - Suxsem/Telink-Zigbee-serial-flash-tool

I’d love to see most of my Tuya devices having some open source fw.
OTA can even be used to flash legacy fw if done properly.

Opening a thread on it if some dev want’s to give a look too. I’ll order few spare of the device I already own, I don’t want to mess up my running install.

That’s interesting
For wall switches, could decoupling feature be added as well?
Or is it limited to that list of devices for now

Indeeed! As it is software only (every device compatible with esphome for example can do this!)

Sure. If your device (with sh°tty vendor firmware) isn’t supported by third party firmware you will still have limited functions!

That is great !

I was most disappointed that Tasmota and ESPhome projects choose to ignore all the newer chips becoming common in cheap off-the-shelf devices with Tuya firmware.

I came across another project LibreTiny with seemingly same objective, but focussed on BK72xx and RTL87xx chips which use Wi-fi. I assume that zigbee uses different radio hardware, but maybe there are other parts of LibreTiny which might be helpful to tyuaZigbee developers.

LibreTiny made a fork of ESPhome to add support support for the BK72xx and RTL87xx chips, and finally the code has been pulled into ESPhome. Again, hopefully tuyaZigbee can benefit from libreTiny’s experience … and we can move ESPhome to eventually support all the tuya devices.

I don’t know how similar the wifi chips are to the zigbee ones. Maybe you know more.

LibreTiny is already part of esphome.

There are also espressif (maker of esp8266/esp32) esp32 variants with a zigbee radio in - possibly to be ready for matter?

Funny thing, most devices from this project are actually BLE sensors they’re flashing with custom zigbee fw. Radio chip is the same for BLE/Zigbee ( + Thread)