Alternative for creating an input_boolean helper in each room

I have motion sensors in each room of my house (except bedrooms).

I’d like these motion sensors to be disabled if I press a button to manage the lights and enable them again if I turn off the lights.

I have Automations to do this and am currently working on a Blueprint to unify my approach to all Automations.

To disable motion sensors, I’m creating an input_boolean helper for each room’s Automations. Is there a way around creating an input_boolean and using variables in the Blueprint instead?

I think it’s neat I can manually disable a room’s motion sensors, but it seems like a pain in the butt to create a Toggle Helper for almost every single room just to get this working.

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You could enable/disable the automation.

automation.turn_off / on

and also key off the on/off state of the automation as needed

The automation has both button and motion triggers. I just need to disable the motion part and bring it back when the button is pressed.

Ideally, I’d have some way to scaffold this. Like “create new automation with these settings and also create the toggle at the same time”.