Alternative for life360 for 2 separate Home assistant instances?


The situation is as followed, I have 2 separate home assistant instances, one at my parents house and one at my own. Since life 360 is not working anymore, the tracking doesn’t work anymore.

I am using the companion app at both homes for the users connected to that instance, so tracking for the phones at the locations is limited to that instance. For example in my home assistant the tracking works fine, but if I look at my location in my parents house (logged in remotely) it is unknown.

So my question would be, how would it be possible to share the location to both instances again?
What way or app alternative do you guys recommend?

Thank you

Yes, I just use the companion app, connected to both servers.
You can go in to the sensors in the app and select which servers you are publishing your sensors to.

I definitely have no problems with my location appearing on 2 different servers.

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Awesome, I just did it on my phone and it asked me for location tracking which I accepted. It works immediately.

So does this mean that every person has to connect separately to both servers?

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Yup, unless you want to create a template sensors on one of the servers, using webhook triggers. And then create automations on the other server to automatically update the state of the second server, with the state of the sensors on the first.