Alternative for USB-IP

So i was playing around with the new,
Testing some features in currently using on my standard Hass VM.

I ran into a problem, see my network diagram below:

Im running on a Ubuntu 17 vm on windows 10,
and I’m using a separate raspberryPi with 3 USB devices connected to it,
RFXtrx, Mysensors gateway and the DSMR.

Currently im using USB-IP to connect the usb devices to my Hass VM, and its works, kind of…
Every time i restart the VM or the Rapsberry i need to reconnect the USB devices manually.

And connecting the USB devices to the VM running looks like a bad way to do this.

A friend told me that MQTT could be a solution.
I experimented with two Hass instances and MQTT, i saw the sensors and switched, but after a page load the where gone forever???

Its possible to write a script on the Raspberry to readout the DSMR and post it to MQTT.
and its possible the write a script using the RFXtrx plugin and subscribe to MQTT, controlling the switches.

But is this the best way?
Or is there a better alternative for USB over IP for

If I’m understanding you correctly you’re running usbip in the Ubuntu VM, correct? If so, I’ve written a systemd service definition that will connect the specified USB device automatically on boot which you might find helpful. You could deploy one service for each stick if you want to mount multiple devices.

Thats right.

I tried it manually, but starting it as a service is a nicer way.
But its not a alternative for USB-ip :slight_smile: nevertheless i’m going to try it.