Alternative for Zipato Mini RFID keypad (sold out)

Hi there,

I have a couple of the Zipato Mini RFID keypads in use. I use them to lock/unlock my Home Assistant alarm system (Manual Alarm) via RFID tags.

The unique selling points for me are:

  • works on a battery, which keeps for > 1 year
  • completely wireless (connects via Z-Wave)
  • uses RFID tags, and (via a hack) can relay the tag used to arm/disarm the alarm to the Home Assistant frontend

Unfortunately, it seems these devices are sold out everywhere. Does anyone know of an alternative? I’m up to something homebrew, such as this one:

It would require some polishing, but most importantly it won’t work on a battery. Would there be a possibility to keep all hardware in deep sleep, only to awake when a button is pushed? What would the battery life of such a setup be? Any help is welcome!