Alternative solution for "401: Unauthorized" in Grafana iframe card

Yah but all of that stuff is done for me by Synology NAS. I have two and have configured them quite fine for many features. This means to significantly rework my home architecture. I run HA in VMM / Virtual Manager on synology so using reverse proxy there make sense. But with some limits. I already found that I can directly edit the headers using ssh but new synology OS has some new security features to not let me.

Maybe this is working but I have one problem. I can’t access my ip from outside because my isp provider is keeping ips behind nat. They didn’t told me that but his is my conclusion. That is why I’m using nabu casa. I tried to ask them for public ip, but I gave up when I realized what I have to explain.

Do you think the solution could be to do the NPM proxy only for grafana?

@ddaniel If you are behind a nat by your ISP you can use a dynamic DNS service

Then on your DNS record use a CNAME instead of an A Record

An A Record is sub.your.domain → an IP address


sub.your.domain → dynamic.dns.record

Ie let’s say you use duckdns as a dynamic provider and Google as your custom domain record keeper

Register a CNAME record in Google for

sub.your.domain →

Or whatever your ddns fqdn is

OK, but as I understand I have to configure my router to use ddns. And there i have a problem. My router is locked by provider and i can use two or three ddns providers. And the one I can use all charge for their services.
In the end of the day I concluded that is easier and cheapier to use nabu casa plus I don’t have to deal with alexa.

@Deckoz2302 so it works! I did not need to drop the header. The only key was to have a separated subdomain on forced (and working) https/htsc and port 3000. When I generate a shared panel, I change the subdomain and it works everywhere.

I do not understand why @kojirof created that new user, neither when I read it first here, nor now when I do not have it and graphs are visible on another computers.