Alternative to Raspberry?

Hi to all,
I’m new to HA and I’m testing it in a desktop PC, it now I would like to use a machine that is more energy efficient. Considering the global shortage of Raspberry pi could a OKdo x Radxa ROCK 4 SE 4GB work fine without installation issues ?

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It should be fine, at least if you don’t want to use Home Assistant OS.

Alternatively just about any second hand PC from the last decade will be a big step up. I run HA on an old i5 laptop that barely draws more power than a Pi4 despite being significantly faster.

A used thin client is another option as well. They are plentiful on eBay etc. Just find one that can take Linux and you might have to put additional storage in it.

Recently, used Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 USFF (ultra small form factor) PCs with i5 processors have been selling for as little as $50 USD on eBay. Just be certain to add an SDD, whether 2.5" or m.2 form. Also be certain to obtain a power supply. The M73 has a rather unique power input socket. :frowning: It’s a minor inconvenience for such a powerful machine for so little money.

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My question is, is that much power required?

The key big downside to those nicely priced used 'Ultra Small Form Factor" machines that are readily available now is that they almost all have fans in them. For something that runs 24x365 I really do want it to be fanless.

A RPi 4 can be easily setup with 100% passive cooling.

The USFF machines are significantly higher for power consumption than a RPi 4 too, though not ridiculously so. I could probably live with that. Especially since the USFF machines could be setup via VM’s to do other 24x365 things too.

Thanks, but do you install it on a VM or directly on the pc?

I switched to an Odroid n2. Full support as was released as Home Assistant Blue

My SFF intel x86 machine, together with all needed hubs draws max 10W. So, it can be a low power setup…

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My Alternative to the the Pi has been the Pi. It’s available here with 2GB RAM, wich works for me.

They require a subscription as “Club member”. That basically translates to receiving a newsletter.

Will Home Assistant Operating System (not virtual machine) run on LIVA Q3 Plus? I’d also like use it as a TV box, so will it be possible add kodi to HAOS?