Alternative to Sonoff SV for switching low low voltage?

Hi, all - Is anyone aware of an alternative to the Sonoff SV for switching a low voltage (5-12V) input-WiFi and flashable with ESPHome preferred. Zigbee is also an option.

The Sonoff SV otherwise works very well for us, but one of them has a high-pitched whine that drives my partner crazy.


Have a look at a shelly 1

sonoff 4ch pro does low voltage

A wemos D1 mini and a cheap relay module will switch anything up to 10 amps, doesn’t get much simpler.

Yes simple in its components. But you add a D1 mini, a relay board, a pcb board, an enclosure. Can end up costing you the same.

Shelley 1 is one complete unit you just flash Esphome, Tasmota or anything you like and connect.
They put the headers there for you. No opening it. no soldering jumpers. Clean and simple.

Shelley 1 allows for inputs of 12v DC, 24-48vDc or 110-265v AC. The relay is also isolate from the main input.
So you can run 110-240V input and still only switch 5v DC at the relay.

Thanks for weighing in, guys. I’ve actually got both Shelly 1s (for high voltage) and Wemos D1s (for low voltage virtual button presses) in my set up. I’m feeling a bit foolish for not thinking about either to replace the Sonoff SVs.

I’ll try Shelly 1s housed in Shellys buttons as in line switches for the lamps in question.

what relays do you use with the D1 mini?

like these:

thanks, I’ll order some now

You can run a basic Sonoff from 5v, solder points on the board, and switch any voltage if you cut a trace, no need for an SV unless you specifically need the extra options it offers.

For switching some 12V gate contollers, I’m using this