Alternative xiaomi hub. Official xiaomi support?



Half of my sensors are aqara/xiaomi and I am pretty pleased with them. But I get errors on connecting to hub every day.

It disconnects for 2,3 minutes every day (sometimes mote than once). It screws up my automation and really annoys. Not really sure where is the issue, because connection is lost because wi fi is lost. Maybe it is because of the frequencies (2.4 on wi fi and 2.4 on zigbee). And I even tried to change channels on router.

I have read that zigbee2mqtt is a good solution. Today is a second day of me trying to connect all devices. And, as I wrote on main topic, I can connect some devices but can’t others (same sensors…)

Here is my first question. As I do not use another zigbee devices I can use something else than zigbee2mqtt for my xiaomi/awara. Would you suggest me anything? Like zigate or smth like that?

And my second point is that I will be totally fine if xiaomi hub woild work fine. And as I know, integration with Home Assistant is not so official. When xiaomi wil stop showing key in app - we are going to be in trouble. Are there any thoughts to get official integration? I am hoping that xiaomi will make their product more stable (or the issue still is in my router?)

I do not really like zigbee becuase of 2.4 ghz, but aqara switches are the only once which can work without neutral, and xiaomi sensors are really good, in some cases even better than fibaro.


Most of connection issues to the gateway are due to range or you have some strong interference (maybe some metal inbetween). Test your sensor near the gateway, if it works there then you need to increase coverage , either with a new gateway or through some independent solution.

For zigbee2mqtt information


One more time, I am loosing wi fi (on 2.4 ghz) so there is no connection to gateway (becuase gateway is not connected to wi fi!)
But, 5ghz wi fi is working without issues and when 2.4 does not work, 5 - still works. That is why I think there is interference issue.

And about zigbee2mqtt. I did everything from instruction and succesfully connected 9 or 11 devices. But 5 devices just does not work. I even tried to replase raspberry to another room. And sensors were always close. 3 sensors give me connection issue when I try to pair them and 2 of them are completely invisible for zigbee2mqtt


There’s definitely some interference somewhere. Are you running frequent bluetooth scans for presence detection? Is the channel your wifi is on congested by other wifi networks nearby?

Can’t assist any further with zigbee2mqtt since I dont own one


I do have bluetooth scan, thank you for idea.
I have 12 channels on wi fi. At first it was auto choose. Then i tried to use onli first channel (did not help) and then twelfth (same thing)


So, do you use xiaomi gateway and evetything is stable?


Yes, no issues here but keep in mind my gateway is about 2 meters from the router since the network cabinet is located in the center of the house.


I see. thank you for info.


I use Zigbee2mqtt in my setup and so far it has been rock solid for about 5 months. It works with all the Xiaomi ZigBee stuff and other brands too. Would highly recommend it to you.



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Try to move gateway further away from the WiFi router - did the trick for me. Also, do you have any google smart device with chromecast capabilities? Read somewhere on this forum that it might cause heavy traffic on your WiFi network which might bring down the whole network.


Actually, I found where was the real issue. Wifi router itself. I turned off every smart devise on zig bee, turned off RPi and still had issues with connection to wifi on 2.4 ghz (macbook and iphone). 5ghz were just fine. I bought another router and switched provider. Had no issues for around 10 days.