Alternatives for Pi 4 Bluetooth Device Tracking

The Pi 4 for well over the past year has been giving me awful sporadic ‘away’ and ‘home’ status changes for our two iPhones.
Worked perfectly on the 3B+.

Still trying to work out if this is a Home Assistant issue or a Pi 4 firmware thing.

Have been using HACS with the iPhone Tracker integration which has been working alright but now with iOS 14 coming it appears that breaks it.

If it is a Pi 4 issue then how can I update? Any integrations I don’t know about or maybe some hardware add-on that will help me out?
Any ideas for good methods of device tracking. I see you have iCloud and MQTT but want to avoid things that use mobile data or potential battery drain.

Almost thinking of using Google home and just getting it to change a boolean for me at this stage…

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I’d recommend monitor (repo is here). It’s an external program that communicates with HA locally over MQTT, and can be configured to scan for departure only on demand (which is exactly how I use it).

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