Alternatives to co2signal?

I’ve got my energy dashboard going, and really like the idea of HA’s co2signal integration. Unfortunately, the co2signal API does not expose any details for US folks.

Is there an alternative way to provide a breakdown of energy sources? I found that detail from my utility company. It’d be easy to enter and update every year or so.

@rvandegrift , there are now a number of US emissions sources listed. I’m in Virginia, and the area I’m in falls under MidAtlantic PJM (US-MIDA-PJM). Some utilities vary considerably, especially if there is a nice mix of different fuel sources (e.g. Combined cycle gas turbine emits far less CO2 than does a coal plant. Hydro/solar/wind/nuclear are essentially zero).

Hi @WillS - after I posted this, I reached out to the developers of Originally, they weren’t publishing estimated data via the free API, only via the map application. About a month later, they started pushing the estimated data out too. So yea, now there’s pretty decent coverage in the US, though most of it is estimated.