Alternatives to home assistant

Hi, I’ve been using HA for a while. However today again it decided to stopped working, and my raspberry doesn’t boot up. Naturally as HA is in a docker environment, I cant even ssh into my HA box.
Since this is not the first time this happens, I’ve decided to rebuild my home automation on something more reliable then HA, which doesn’t need a reconfiguration after each update.
Does anyone have any suggestion on a home automation that actually works reliably ? Fed up with continuously fiddling on my HA to get it working.

There is ssh access to the host and there are ssh add-ons available. You configure these for yourself. You could also directly connect with a keyboard and monitor.

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If you are running HA in docker, you ssh to the host then open a docker shell into the container

However if the host wont boot, you have other problems that are not related to HA or to docker

HA is a moving target keeping up with constantly changing technology and trends, but I have never had to “reconfigure” it, and I have never once had it crash. Maybe you have a hardware problem.


So you have had all these problems (in your own words not the first time its happened), but you never posted here asking for help? Your first post is, “hey HA forum, what can I use besides HA”


As @richieframe said, HA is trying to incorporate and run add-ons from hundreds of different people. Then throw unofficial HACS into the mix which HA devs have limited control over (I mean they could block it all together but they want everyone to have options to make their unique IOT devices work).

Many times the problem is not with core HA, its with an add-on or something. My rig has been reliable other than OZW beta failing every few weeks and requiring a reboot. But thats a known issue.

I dunno, sounds to me like you really havent tried to fix your underlying issue, and now you want to go to a new app and basically repeat your same cycle.

//end saturday morning rant. sorry

Home Assistant.

Try running it on something other than a Pi. Or at least get off using an SD card if that’s the way you are running it.

However I ran HA on a pi/SD card for over a year and never had an issue with reliability. Moved to a NUC to be able to run other stuff on it and still been very reliable.

Otherwise, I expect that the post above will be both your first and last post in the forums.

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Second this. Try SSD with Pi or go NUC with Proxmox.

You joined a forum, made one post asking for an alternative which is highly unlikely on a HA forum, and expect to be taken seriously? Bye…

I have tried 5 different Home Automation systems for the past 3 years and will stick with HA. :slight_smile:

Get a low-power NUC. Install Proxmox. Install Home Assistant OS in a VM.
Configure daily Home Assistant backup to external storage.
Configure daily VM backups.

Of course you can use your NUC/Proxmox for many other things than HA at the same time.