Alternatives to ICloud - Since it is broken

Probably a good time for me to ask about alternative to icloud. We have 5 iphone in the family and our locations were shared it was working great , tracking showing the zone we were in most of the time. Now of course it broken thanks to apple. So I thought I would open a thread and discuss alternates, preferable free ones.

What is out there?

You could use Owntracks or the HA iOS app. I switched to the HA app 2.0 beta for the time being.

I have the app working on my phone. I would need to give them all logins and set it up. The problem with that is they would control the house and I am not sure that is a good idea… aka teenagers

Then I would recommend a service like owntracks

I use life360 and happy. They have submitted it for standard component.

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Do you pay for it? I have a lot of zones

no; only use free life 360; don’t use “places”. Uses HA Zones.

I am using OwnTrack on the 5 iphone. Talking over HTTP. Only trick is to make sure you have significant change mode on so it runs in the back ground.

I am using Owntrack and OpenStreetMaps. 4 phones (2 iphone and 2 android). Works perfect.