Alula security and Home Assistant

My old alarm system just got upgraded to Alula Security using mobile app. I am wondering if there is any integration of Alula into Home Assistant.


1+ on this.

There is an Alula Wireless Z-Wave Card (RE934Z) that will work with the new BAT-Connect wireless communicators. But it seems like its more for controlling other devices from the Alula app, not the other way around. If the RE934Z is programmed as a hub, not sure it would be capable of arming/disarming the system?

+1 for me. I have been having nothing but problems with the AD2USB

Was there any integration for Alula?
Ever since I got it two years ago, I can’t add it to Google Home, and I am not seeing anything for it here.

This would be nice

Depending on how your alarm is setup, you may still be able to use alternative integrations. For example, a friend of mine has a Honeywell 15P, and they use the Envisalink integration. Their monitoring company has given them an Alula converter box which bridges the system into their cloud.

EyezOn - EnvisaLink™ EVL-4EZR Security Module For DSC/Honeywell Panels
Another options if you have that kind of panel is Alarm Decoder AlarmDecoder - Home Assistant

I have alula and I also have envisalink. I highly recommend the envisalink. Works flawlessly and easy to integrate into hassio. Its also offline so you dont need cloud service to control it.
Hassio connects directly to the envisalink device on your network.