Always active stt

Is there any work around always active stt that only uses periods of inactivity to separate requests?

I don’t want to say a wake word, I just want to say “what is the capitol of begum” and then the assistant will reply “are you asking me” and I say " yeah". Then it will reply with the response.

Or “hey could you turn on the lights” and it will reply “which room?” And I say “the master bed”, and then the lights come on and I say “thank you”, so it replies "no problem.

Maybe I was asking someone on the phone to turn their lights off, so I could reply “not talking to you” or something to stop the request checking.
But if there’s general conversation going on, it will just ask “who me” over and over, maybe a random selection of alternative phrases to keep it fresh.

I’d honestly prefer an annoying AI roommate than the inhuman approach of “hey jarvis.” Bing Bing. Turn off the lights. Dingle ding. “The lights are now off.”