Always allow HaOS to boot without display attached (x86-64)

HaOS is awesome as it is just enough operating system that is necessary for Home Assistant while taking away all the hassle of managing it.

While that works great for probably all the SBCs (like Raspberries) out there the generic x86-64 flavor is another topic because of the thousands of different devices out there. Specially some old quirky intel atom based devices (which just recently got support in HaOS btw.) often have a very limited BIOS which does not allow boot specific configuration.

In my case that causes a HaOS (or default debian 11 install) to “stuck” in grub and don’t boot the OS if no display is connected. See this thread for more information :point_right: Moved from supervised to haos :exploding_head:

It looks like only one (more) parameter in the grub cmdline is needed to overcome this situation:



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Thank’s Mischa - very much appreciate your efforts but rather then choosing a inefficient hardware work’a’round (btw. already presented over a month ago by @calisro in the linked thread) this feature request is about a “efficient” software only fix. :white_check_mark:

If you feel like you want to help @BebeMischa you can just press the blue vote button top left (it’s free of charge :stuck_out_tongue:) :+1:

Curious if you submitted a PR to add it if it would be accepted. I suppose that would depend on their appetite and impact on other hardware.

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Never mind. I’m an electrician. I do believe more in hardware, then software. It’s just a different view on efficiency :stuck_out_tongue:

Set and forget. No issues, when some update changes the way, this will be handled.

But, you got my vote anyway :wink:

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From what I read on random sites on the www the nomodeset option does not have “bad” influence on the system as it essentially only postpones the “proper” driver for the gpu/display a bit.

It is possible that the grub menu (in case a display is attached) will have a low resolution - but from my tests with HaOS it is already running in a kind of “legacy” mode and not in the full/native resolution.

Looking at the change log there is often grub changes so I would expect this is nothing “off limits” but only @agners can tell if this is something which would be included (or not). :man_shrugging:

I would expect the nomodeset would need to be added to this file in line 59 - but not 100% about that :thinking:

I had the same issue myself and ended up buying an HDMI dummy to solve it.

My understanding is that some specific hardware requires different settings in order to boot correctly without video attached, while the majority has no issues.

This is not an HA specific problem and more of an hardware specific problem, since even really popular Linux distributions have problems with this.

Said that, it would be great if these hiccups could be solved and in that case you might be better off opening an issue instead of a feature request, as this feature is already implemented and working for the majority of devices available.