Always fails to reboot

Hi, new to home assistant and first post. I cannot find my issue on the forum.

I have installed the Hassio image 5 times now on my Raspberry Pi 4. I can add add-ons okay, but if I ever touch the ‘reboot’ button in: hassio, system, it looses connection and then fails to reboot. I am only following the instructions but this has happened every time now.

Should I Be adding something to the configuration yaml so that it can actually reboot?

I can see on my router that it uses the same IP each time but I cannot ever access the interface from a browser after pressing reboot.

Please help! :slightly_smiling_face: Matt

No, you should not need to add anything to support reboot.

You typically shouldn’t need to reboot the entire system, just restart HA.

You should do a configuration check before RESTARTING not rebooting.

Thank you dap35

Hi Tom,

I am back in Home Assistant once again.

I have not see this panel yet, which I have seen in YouTube videos. Where is this found?


Configuration / Server control

You may have to go into your profile (the round icon at the bottom of the sidebar) and enable advanced mode.

I see the ‘Server management’ but not the configuration validation.

I have it now, thank you