Always On Lights

I have three limitlessled light bulbs which are controlled by a zigbee switch. The usage is like this, I power on the lights with the switch and then use the limitlessled features to change color, brightness etc.

All the light entities are located in the same group panel.

The problem is I am facing is this: if I close a limitlessled bulb from it’s own control just after enabling power to the lights with the zigbee switch, the lights unsync. If I enable a light just after giving power to the group with the zigbee switch, some of the lights unsync and sync with a new id.

In the configuration picture below: “Yat Lam” controls the zigbee switch and gives power to all three lights. Yat1, 2 and 3 are the limitlessled lamps which I would like to be always on so that they don’t accidentally sync or unsync. Is there a possibility to set the limitlessled lights to be always on?