Am I in the wrong "container"

I am trying to call a shell_command from an automation.

I have setup a simple test to add the current date/time to a logfile. The script is in /root/share:

When I run the script from a terminal, the logfile is updated as expected.

I’ve defined the shell_command in my configuration.yaml file as follows:
(I’ve tried bash, bsh, suudo. all work when invoked directly. none update the logfile when called by the automation.)


Here’s the Automation setup:

As a test automation, I invoke the script at 11:15AM, here’s the trace output:

So close, yet so far. Any help appreciated Thanks!

Please check here about where it is executed at. Shell Command - Home Assistant

The answer might depend on your installation method, home assistant operating system, supervised or core?

Yes, I saw that and should have shared installation and log info in my original post.

Home Assistant Core
Version core-2021.11.5

Operating System
Version 6.6

Installation_type: Home Assistant OS

From the log:
Error running command: sudo /share/shelltest, return code: 127
11:15:00 AM – (ERROR) Shell Command - message first occurred at December 13, 2021, 11:15:00 AM and shows up 2 times

Which led me here:
Shell Command: return code 127 - path to script?

and here:

I need to log in?


/share does not seem to be a standard mount.
Try putting the script shelltest in your configuration directory (the directory where configuration.yaml is) and use this instead:

  cron_setup: /config/shelltest

Also, you should probably use an absolute path for mylog. I’d put this in shelltest:

date > /config/mylog

Do not forget to make shelltest executable: chmod +x shelltest.

/config will not be available outside of the homeassistant container, but it should work in a shell command.

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@ondras12345 ding! ding! ding! That’s a winner!

Moving to /config was the fix.