Am i missing something?

Hey guys,

i’m currently renovating an old House and i will install some Home Assistant magic.
I had to redo the electrical wiring so i got the opportunity to put almost everything directly into the Main Electrical Box.

I’ve looked at various options to control my lights. I do not want to go the Hue/LIFX way for my main lighting.

Currently i’m toying around with either using Shelly or Homematic CCU3 + Wired DARP.

I like the Hardware of Homematic, but it took me almost 3 Evenings to get the RPI-RF-MOD + HmIPW-DRAP + HmIPW-DRI16 + HmIPW-DRD3 working with Home Assistant.


  • The Wired Hardware neatly fits into Electrical Box on to the DIN Rails
  • Seems to well built overall


  • the Interface of Homematic is unbearable
  • the integration of the switch/button inputs into Home Assistant is cumbersome
  • i need 2 bridges (RPI-RF-MOD + HmIPW-DRAP) to get the WIRED hardware to communicate with HA
  • expensive

Previously i used Shelly to have some temporary Lights working in that house:


  • no bridges needed
  • direct communication with home assistant with open standards
  • cheap


  • no DIN mountable Hardware for Dimming and according to the Manufacturer not planned so far either
  • i have to configure each device by itself

Is there some Hardware i’m missing that i can Mount properly into an electical box onto DIN Rails and that i can connect better with home assistant?


I started using Homematic and though I have 3 Homematic gateways in my home, still some devices randomly tend to become unreachable.

For some time now, I am extending/upgrading my home using Zigbee devices. Smart bulbs, sockets and stuff are no big deal, what is really missing is in-wall switches for German standards, similar to the Homematic HM-RC-2-PBU-FM.

With respect to DIN Rail, Ubisys has dimmers and switches using Zigbee. Quite expensive.

Oh, and I don’t use any Wifi devices, because there is no standard for Wifi components, you need multiple dedicated integrations.

ok, so homematic sounds like to many points of failure and is therefore out for me.

Yea, Standards regarding Wifi is quite a topic, but i think Mqqt on Shelly qualifies kind of.

In a perfect world i would love DIN mounted Modules like the HmIPW-DRI16/HmIPW-DRD3/HmIPW-DRS8 that would either work with Wifi/Mqqt or Zigbee, ideal would be Matter/Thread.

The Ubisys stuff looks nice, but waaaay to expensive…

SONOFF Smart Stackable Power Meter looks nice as well, but is useless to me without Dimming Moduls :frowning:

Might depend on your setup or my setup. It’s not a general fact, i know many people having no issues with HM oder HmIP.

Agree. I just bought a Ubisys S1 to mount it behind a mechanical light switch, but it is to deep for standard flush mount box and a switch, it is way more expensive than a Sonoff ZBMini and the switch noise is harder and louder than the ZBMini. Benefits are overall build quality, power metering and multiple modes for the attachable physical (momentary) switch. Also the relay is bi-stable, meaning it will keep it position even after power loss.