Am I over-complicating things?

I did have HA running on an old laptop I had around with an Ubuntu install. (I switched to this after my 2nd dead SD card with a RasPi) I finally got fed up with the general slowness and crap ubuntu experience (I’m sure the laptop was actually dying) so I decided to switch over to my old gaming rig which was collecting dust. It has a FX-8320 and 16GB ram.

I always wanted to mess with proxmox so I went that route, installed proxmox on the 60GB SSD, and used this guide to get HA running. I restored my install, expected to get plex working like it was, but I can’t figure out how to get my 2nd storage drive to show up. So I setup a FreeNas VM in Proxmox, running plex in that.

My main question is, should I just have gone with a Debian install and ran everything in docker? I don’t have much more use of proxmox than tinkering and learning something new, but at this point I just want everything to work to where I can keep building off of it with Plex, small NAS, PiHole or equivalent…etc.

That can all be done with Proxmox, you just need to pass things like HDDs/USBs to each VM you wish to use them on.

If that’s easier for you, then yes. HA will run happily in either environment.

I guess I just need to learn more about what I’m doing in Proxmox, especially with passing things into a vm.

And it’s not just a matter of Debian being easier, but whether it’s more practical/better to go with something expandable.