Am I overloading my WiFi network?

I’m currently building a new home, I’m doing a lot of stuff during the build to help with HA implementation. I plan to use a Unifi Dream Machine pro with about 8 APs installed around the house (2 story + basement, about 5,600 sq ft). I’ve settled on using TP-Link/Kasa switches for lights. I walked around yesterday and counted 72 switches :grimacing:. All those switches will use WiFi, plus I’m sure I’ll have another 50-75 WiFi devices in the house at any one time.

Should I be concerned that I am overloading my network? Even with a Unifi network?

No. If you are using Unifi access points, they can each handle 100 simultaneous low bandwidth clients no problem, so you are not even close to overloading it. Do not use the same network ssid for 5GHz though.