Am I the only one who can't get grouping in ZWave JS to work?

I have tried to use the Z-Wave JS to MQTT Control panel to group lights to a light switch and smoke alarms to a siren, and none of them takes. I get an “OK” in the control panel, but when I refresh, there are no new groupings. I can delete groupings, though. And if I fire up my prevoius Hass with the old Z-Wave integration and do a grouping there, it works. The problem is that the old integration has no idea what an Aeotec Siren 6 is, so I can’t get the smoke alarms working. So I haven’t seen a lot of complaining about groups not working. Either nobody’s using it, or it’s only me it’s not working for. Can somebody please tell me which and maybe help me a bit?

I tried to install the trial version of HomeSeer to do the grouping there, but it doesn’t seem to work because I can’t get the secure mode to work there since the key I use in Hass isn’t compatible with the one in HomeSeer, for some reason.

I also have issue with groups.

First I tried a Cooper scene controller. I managed to set up a group with a light, but the button assignment was not what I programed. Really confusing, so I replaced the Cooper with a ZooZ ZEN32.

Installation of ZEN32 went without issue. I also get events (zwave_js_value_notification) in home assistant when buttons are pressed.

Creating groups (in the Z-Wave JS to MQTT Control panel) again posed no problem. So for at least this device, grouping is possible and created groups do show up in the controller (group action set to toggle state of the light).

However, the groups do not work as expected. For example, I created a group of one of the scene buttons on the ZEN32 and a light switch. The light responds to button presses on the scene controller, as expected. But when I control the light from the switch, the status of the LED on the controller does not follow. Moreover, if I now want to change the status of the light from the scene controller, I need to press the scene controller twice. The scene controller and light are getting out of sync. Anybody knows how to fix this?

BTW: I believe it’s a ZEN32 issue, not zwave js, as I have other groups with other zwave devices that work correctly.