Amazon Alexa Custom Skill

I unfortunately am a very “BIG” thinker (and an IT geek / old developer like probably a lot of people on this forum).

I want to build my own skill for HA (and publish the code with instructions on how to customize it for your own skill)

Conceptually . . . . I want to be able to say to Alexa . . . “Alexa, ask my house to set the thermostat to 72” and have Alexa respond with “is that the cool or the heat temperature?” . . . “cool” . . . “No problem, cool has been set to 72 and heat will be set to 70”. AKA: I want to be able to “interact with my house”. I really believe opportunities abound here and this is why I want to publish the code for everyone to leverage. For the Marvel Fans out there, I want to create my own Jarvis.

As I see it now, I need to create a skill, and probably a lambda function (I know I could do this all within the skill, but bear with me here).

I want the skill when enabled, to take 2 pieces of information . . . the PAT that HA generates, along with the URL for your HA instance. The backend lambda function should be able to “consume the data” from the Skill (URL, PAT) and will make the necessary webservice calls to “do things” (I’m a huge NodeRed consumer). I want to then use Lambda to make the appropriate Webservice calls, to my endpoints, to affect the “actions” that I want to see.

What I DON’T want is to have to remember the names of “all the things”. I want to be able to say “Alexa, ask my house what is the humidity outside”

The part I’m looking to “short cut” is the login / authentication piece of the Skill.

Can anyone help? I intend to publish all code into Git and give back to the community, It won’t be what I use, but it should provide the “foundational code” that any of you would be able to use . . .

So here is my ask: Can anyone point me towards a tutorial, which will support my needs? Idealistically I would even like to create a lambda that delivers the webpage necessary to capture the PAT / URL.

Look at this YouTube. Not lambda, but will give you some of the components for variability in the interaction…