Amazon Alexa - Manual Setup - App Skill Discovery problem

Hi HA Family,

I got a bit of a problem with my Alexa integration setup following this MANUAL procedure

All went well (sort off)

  • Creating Amazon Skill - DONE
  • Creating AWS Lambda Function - DONE
  • Test the LAMBDA Function - DONE (Discovery return with a VERY long list of devices)
  • Configure the Smart Home Service Endpoint - DONE
  • Developer Account Linking - DONE
  • Enable Dev Skill in Mobile APP - DONE

This is where the strange problem shows up:

  • Running Discover Devices after Skill linking --> only 4 devices got discovered (2x wemo and my 2x echo devices)

in Contrast to more than 20 devices returned using the Lambda Discovery Test

Had any experienced this?
Any tips you can share to resolve this kind of weird gap?

Thanks in advance.

No takers? :frowning:

I just finished doing this, and everything seems to go well but alexa doesnt find any devices at all. I cant add anything to your request, hopefully someone can come help us both :slight_smile:

I totally dumped the Alexa Integration setup above and followed the haaska approach

And it worked perfectly for me now.

UPDATE – 24th of May 2020
Compared the haaska procedure with the Manual integration procedure, (and also noticed a recent update on the official HA integration/Alexa doc. I followed it again and it worked. Key change for me was selecting the right region (in my case being based in Australia, the instructions point for using the Oregon region for my Lambda function).

All OK now as per HA Manual Alexa integration approach.

I got the same problem. Function shows the devices but discovery from Alexa is not showing anything. Did you find a solution?

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I had the same problem. The reason was the wrong choice of the region

I’m still having the same issue; test works, but discovery doesn’t. I’ve double-checked my region and it’s set to N. Virginia (which is the closest to me)

I had experienced the same before - the only way I managed to resolved it was by:
Option 1: removing the media entities (Yamaha, Denon AVR)
Option 2: modifying the media entity supported feature value (subtracting 65536) from the reported value (refer to the workaround here Media players cause alexa to fail discovering any devices. · Issue #34029 · home-assistant/core · GitHub)


I just ran into the exact problem and found this thread. After I excluded the media, it solved the problem immediately. Thanks Erick!