Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill Manual Setup Configuration Issues

So I am trying to setup the following

I have Duck DNS and NGINX configured and working.

I can get as far as the test Lambda function

I set the BASE_URL as my duckdns,

I generated a long live acces token from here


copy pasted into


So when I go to test I get as far as

“event”: {
“payload”: {
“message”: “401: Unauthorized”

I have tried a couple of times from scratch in case I have missed domething in the instructions but same result both times/

Any suggestions?

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I ran into the same issue and spent many a wasted hour searching for an answer.
To keep anyone else from doing the same, here is what i did. (short answer: keep going)

If you are following this guide when it gets to the test phase "click Configure test events, you can Create new test event using following data:"

If it comes back with the above mentioned response of

As long as you have followed the guide up to this point and generated the LONG_LIVED_ACCESS_TOKEN continue on to the next step in the guide it will work.

I have attached the two size home assistant images below, to integrate into the Alexa interface (if they show up).



I’m honestly surprised more people have not had this issue. Thank you for the response!

I have the issue too :frowning: