Amazon Alexa Smart home skill - "not responding"

I really fell for the new Official Home Assistant skill for Alexa support. Since it appeared it worked like a charm for me and made me stop using my previous dev skill (hosted via AWS but requiring additional utterances e.g. “Alexa ask Home Assistant to…”.

However as of last days the skill stops working or works randomly. At the moment Alexa simply replies “the device is not responding”. What is more the devices only turn on/off randomly when clicked from the Alexa app.

I don’t think my own Home Assistant server is to blame as I have a redundant dev skill still up and running via AWS and it works ALWAYS.

I would want the Home Assistant Skill to work more reliably as it is definitely more convenient to use.

Any help/ideas?

Seems to be working again… maybe HA Alexa bridge was down…

I always get that my scenes are not responding, even if it actually works. But alexa is not pleased. Think it takes too long time for setting the scene in Hass and it times out.

Same here with scenes. That why i use only HA switches as devices in Alexa. I use scenes via my own HA alexa skill via AWS

Seems the timeout problem is fixed in 0.60.1:

no the problem persist… hum it’s not responding :frowning:

This still appears to be a problem. Has anyone had any luck resolving this?

I have opened for the above issue