Amazon alexa unreliable?

Hi everybody,

I have been using Alexa through nabu casa for years now, and usually without any permanent issues.

However, for some reason, entities cannot be controlled any longer - even though they used to work and should be synced with and accessible by amazon.

So when I say “Alexa, Schreibtisch an” or “Alexa, Schwenker an”, this light should turn on. However, all my echo does is play the confirmation sound (no error message!!) - yet the light stays off.

This seems like Alexa “thinks” it actually did turn on the light, because when I use an entity that is unavailable (“Alexa, Weihnachtsbaum ein”), I do get an audible error message (because the smart outlet controlling the Christmas Tree (Weihnachtsbaum) is currently not in use and thus cannot be controlled).

I can control this entity fine via Home Assistant dashboard / mobile app, and assist.

There is another entity I use to test this, my printer; “Alexa, Drucker an” will turn it on, “Alexa, Drucker aus” will turn it off. This confirms that Alexa / amazon is capable of controlling Home Assistant devices.

As you can see here, the entity is exposed to Alexa; I ran entity discovery countless times (“Alexa, suche Geräte”, translates to something like “Alexa, search for devices”).

Back in the day, if some device wasn’t working as expected, I’d go to the web interface for Alexa, delete all devices, and run a fresh search. However, it seems like amazon has disabled this function. The URL (which, in my case, was You've received an Alexa Link) now only has information on how to use the mobile app. Back in the day, one was able to manually delete devices there.

Since I have numerous entities exposed to Alexa, it is impossible for me to manually delete them one by one via the Alexa app, but there is no option to purge the entire device catalog through said app.

I have already disconnected Home Assistant from nabu casa and re-connected it. I have run countless “discover devices” attempts. I have added an alias (“Schreibtisch”) to the device, so that this alias would be discovered. It was, but “Alexa, Schreibtisch an” does the same: it plays the confirmation sound, but does nothing.

Any of you experiencing this? Any ideas on how to fix it?

Thank you for your ideas :slight_smile: