Amazon Blink Actions to Arm

I am new to Home Assistant, coming from Stringfy and then IFTTT when Stringfy was shut down. Now that IFTTT I needed a better way to integrate Blink with my Abode home security/zwave hub.
I was ablto successfully integrate Blink with Home Assistant. I have 3 Blink sync modules and 11 cameras. I use multiple modules to get the larger coverage of the blinks that are located on my property. The issue I am having is that if I set up the automations for Blink to arm when abode is set to away/home/or alarm triggered it will only work for a single Blink Module at a time. Always the first in the script/automation.
I attempted to set this up as an automation and as a script but both have the same symptoms. I suspect the issue is something with the calls to Blink to arm and it timing out getting a reply back of success and HA believes it is a failure so it doesn’t continue the automation.

I even attempted to created a script with delays between each action, but that didn’t help either, same reasons only the first blink module is armed. Also if I break up the single automation into 3 different automations with the same triggers but different action for each specific blink modules, it doesn’t run any of them. However if I manually click execute on each one, it does work and arms the blinks.

Is there anyone else that has multiple Blink modules and has this working correct?

Also for the past few days since setting up this integration I get a text around 11:08pm each evening with a Blink verification code. It acts like Blink is being logged into around this time daily. I confirmed I don’t have any automations scheduled at that time. Just an oddity that I wanted to report with it.