Amazon Could Charge Up to $10/Month for Alexa

Hi all,

On macrumors I saw this article:

If this will happen then we cannot use Alexa media player integration for lot of cool and funny messages for free…

While that is definitely possible, I don’t see anywhere that the article says Amazon will be completely shutting down the API. Keep in mind that the API being used by the Alexa Media Player integration and Node Red pallets has always been unofficial… they could have been rendered unusable at any point.

What I find ridiculous from the article is the following quote:

… it is imperative Alexa demonstrate it can generate “meaningful” sales.

Only about 2% of households with Alexa devices have purchased anything with them; and only 10% of those made more than one purchase. There’s a good reason for that. Amazon has refused to control the rampant price shenanigans on its platform. It’s partly what killed the Dash buttons and it’s one of the factors that keeps people from using Amazon’s auto-reordering/subscription programs.

I read in a Dutch article that Alexa will be still free unless you wanna use the AI part. So for me everything will stay the same. Alexa is just a voice part of HA.