Amazon Dash light switch holder

Made this Dash button holder awhile back when I was using Dash buttons for lights, thought I would share.


So were you using the dash button instead of the switch to turn the lights on and off??

Yeah, the light switch goes to an outlet that is in a terrible spot so I have a smart bulb in a lamp on the other side of the room. Also smart bulbs are cheaper than smart switches.

bypass the switch, and print an outlet cover that integrates the dash button into it. :slight_smile:

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Oooo that’s a good idea. Not sure if I can print something that big on my M3D though.

I think you can as long as it’s a single gang and not a multi gang box. Although I’ve been toying with a way to print covers that snap together so you can mix and match, paddle and traditional toggle switches however you want. Shouldn’t be too hard. Just haven’t gotten around to it. Decided to do the python 3.6 upgrade this weekend instead. Besides I have blue PLA loaded right now, and I don’t think my wife would like that color choice.

He’d be on the edges of his build plate though; standard switch plate is 4.5 high and the M3D is 4.4". Would definitely want a raft to keep things level.

I like this and added it to my Thingiverse collection. My problem right now is use case. I have a Dash dev button that I bought when they went on sale but I never really figured out a use for it.

It works!!!

I made a filament sensor from a small limit switch, and a printed container. The filament runs through the top of the container length wise so that it depresses the limit switch. That sends a MQTT message to HA telling it that the filament is OK. When the last of the filament passes through the little box, the limit switch opens, which flags a pin on the RPI and sends a MQTT message to HA saying that it’s out of filament. I’m going to install it on my Octoprint RPI. :slight_smile:
I love this stuff. LOL

I’ll put it out on thingiverse once I get the top so that it will stay shut without a rubber band. :slight_smile:

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