Amazon Dash Smart Shelf

I just saw this on amazon, the Dash Smart Shelf.

It looks like the replacement idea for the dash button is a “smart shelf” that keeps track of the weight of a product to automatically re-order it when you’re getting low.
I have no intention of buying one for the intended use, but love the concept of having something like this that I could integrate into HA.

I think these were just released a few days ago so I doubt anyone has one yet, but if so, I wonder how hackable this is like the original dash button.

If anyone has ideas or knows more, please chime in!


looks interesting.

i wonder what the min/max weight limits are? I could see a use for these if they can be hacked. Too bad they are indoor use only tho.

Small: up to 30 lbs (13.6 kg) Medium: up to 60 lbs (27.2 kg) Large: up to 200 lbs (90.7 kg)

thanks I missed that info.

I just ordered one for the sole purpose to taking it apart to see what’s inside :D
I’ll update if there’s anything interesting inside or find a clear way to re-purpose for use in HA.

I can think of one good re-purpose If its hackable. 3D filament scale!

Maybe a mailbox scale as well /shrug

Hopefully You find a common esp32/8266 it in. /fingers-crossed

I have received it and cracked it open.

There’s some good news and bad news.

The bad news is that it doesnt use one of the common ESP chips (which I expected; amazon was bound to use a more custom SoC). It uses the MediaTek MT7697HN chip, which has an ARM core. This chip line, from the product literature is:

MT7697 is a highly integrated SoC which features a Cortex-M4 application processor, a low power 1x1 802.11b/g/n single-band Wi-Fi subsystem, a Bluetooth subsystem, and a Power Management Unit.
The application processor subsystem contains ARM Cortex-M4F MCU. It also includes many peripherals, including UART, I2C, SPI, I2S, PWM, IrDA, and auxiliary ADC. It also includes embedded SRAM/ROM.

Programming for this would be above my skill level if were even possible in the first place. (It may be?)

The good news is that it uses 4 standard load cells, and the molded area for their circuitboard looks big enough to fit an ESP8266 and a HX711 chip to read the load cells.

When I have time I’ll probably attempt replacing the board with an ESP and HX711 since I never intended to connect it to amazon anyway. For $15 you get a nice looking case and 4 load cells, so overall still not a bad deal.

Also slightly annoying, there are a whopping 20 screws holding it together. 8 of them are under the rubber feet pads, which involves removing them for access. Fortuinately they came off cleanly and can be reattached with double-sided tape.

Below is a photo album of the guts:


I agree with you, $15 is not a bad deal for a nice case and 4 load cells.Think I’ll get one to play with.

Thanks for the tare down review!

Edit: price is now $20 still not a bad deal.

I was able to successfully use the load cell that comes with the smart shelf and added Nodmuc and HX711 load amplifier and was able to get the device calibrated.

OK. You have my attention now! I have been wanting to build something like this for dog’s water bowl. I feel bad every time it is dry.

I just ordered a 7" x 7" one. I’m excited to try this with ESPHome.