Amazon Echo HACS integration


I’m trying to make some automation with Home Assistant and Amazon Echo.
I installed Alexa Media player integration from HACS, I added the code into configuration.yaml:

email: !secret amazon_email
password: !secret amazon_pass

with proper credentials in secrets.yaml

After restarting HA found my device and I added it.

The issue is that it’s always unavailable. The only time when it gets available is if I use my phone to play something. As soon as I press pause on my phone it becomes unavailable in home assistant.

I tried everything, switching to different accounts, different URLs, and reinstalling the integration… with the same result.

Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this? I’,m not living in a country where Amazon is present.

Thank you!

I am using ui based setup rather than yaml based and it is working pretty well.
I can just advice to enable debug logging and sharing it with integration owner.