Amazon echo not discovering emmulated hue

I have the following in my config config:

  expose_by_default: false
      name: "Kitchen Leds"
      hidden: false
      name: "Kitchen Light"
      hidden: false

I have check that emulated hue is running as per the component documentation and it looks all good. I am only exposing 2 devices so I dont think I am hitting any sort of a limit.

Any ideas why the Echo is not able to discover my emulated hue devices?

echo gen 3 or 2?

i have seen several times that people didnt get it to work at all when the only had new devices (echo show, echo spot or echo dot gen 3)

Hi Rene,

It’s an echo second generation (not the dot)

Depending on your configuration you may need to add (and it can’t hurt in any case)…

host_ip: !secret host_ip

Also check that your Alexa device is on the same subnet as your homeassistant host.

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@anon43302295 thanks for your tip. I wonder if we should update the documentation, after adding the host_ip it’s working :slight_smile:

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It is in the documentation:

The problem being that sometimes the system may pick up the wrong IP (docker containers for example, you’ll get the IP of the container not the host), and in such circumstances you set it manually with that option :slight_smile:

That must have been the issue as I am using hassio

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